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REALTOR®-Driven Group Proudly Bestows Major Grant to the UnLIMBited Foundation’s “Tommy Fund”

Mighty 7-year-old Tommy Morrissey is a charismatic golf prodigy, most say a “Boy Wonder.” Watch him in action and you too will understand why.

Though Tommy is “different” from most other kids, he doesn’t seem to notice or care, and he excels in unexpected ways. Tommy was born with one arm but, against all odds, he has become an expert junior golfer. Tommy has an exuberant personality, perhaps attributed to the fact he was born that way, according to his parents Joe and Marcia Morrissey; Luckily, he didn’t have to adjust to his physical difference due to any painful, traumatic, life-changing cause.

Tommy seems always enthusiastic and happy. He dances and sings like his peers, cracks jokes and knows how to “work” a room His parents delight in Tommy’s vibrant personality and Marcia says, “He is who he is, and he is perfectly made” Those who’ve had the pleasure of his presence undoubtedly agree.

Showing an interest in golf while still a toddler, Tommy carried one of his father’s golf clubs into his crib. By age six, he was already working on perfecting his technique and, without ever taking a formal lesson, he’s managed to yield an outrageously powerful right hand swing with his left arm. Tommy Morrissey is truly using his fame to help change, motivate and inspire others. As an added layer of inspiration, Tommy had a hole-in-one at the impressive age of 5 and shot his longest drive, 170 yards, at age 6.

Tommy has already intersected with golf greats Tiger Woods, Phil Michelson, Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler. He continues to dumbfound pro golfers and their commentators. So, it’s no surprise Tommy’s story has already made quite a splash with his national appearances on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” NBC’s “Ellen” show and “Little Big Shots” starring Steve Harvey, and by local ESPN and WPTV-5.

Tommy openly focuses on his golf game and proudly represented his “Tommy Fund” this past November to raise awareness for UnLIMBited Foundation, in Signature Gives Back’s Inaugural Charity Golf Tournament at Gleneagles Country Club, Delray Beach.

Golfers from “The Signature Family” (SGB and parent company, The Signature Real Estate Companies) and their guests/ sponsors created a day of awareness for both SGB and UnLIMBited Foundation, supporting children and families in the process of planning, completing and recovering from complex limb-saving surgery through the Paley Institute, affiliated with St. Mary’s Medical Center.”

Signature Gives Back, Inc. is one of 10 such organizations a“liated with a real estate brokerage, according to Broker/President Ben G. Schachter, who also serves as the President of the SGB Board of Directors. SGB acted immediately to send aid for the Orlando nightclub (Pulse) shooting victims, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, and the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA, most recently.”

Schachter’s observation of dynamo Morrissey is aptly relayed. “While helping others, there’s also no question it’s been said Tommy plays golf better than most.” PR Coordinator and SGB Board Member, Dana Levy, describes SGB as the driving force to The Signature Family’s promise of “Tikkun Olam,” Judaic words for “Repairing the World.” SGB Co-Chairs Jack Jaiven and Wendy Pressne ensure each SGB endeavor is a success. Their openness to hear about community needs is an enduring symbol of faith in its volunteer base to step up to the plate when and where most needed.

“Our ears and eyes are wide open to each viable cause in which we can ‘Be the Change You Wish to See in This World,’ says Pressner, a well-accomplished member of several local organizations’ boards, including as an Asst. Vice President of SGB’s.

At the recent awards/auction reception following the November charity golf tournament, John Goss, another member of SGB’s Board of Directors aptly explains, “Every event we do, whether it’s a golf tournament or a talent show, whether we raise money for children or veterans or those in need of housing or food, we are giving and helping. And those who contribute silent auction gifts show a tremendous ežort that the community can come together.”

Interestingly, golf is only part of the mix for Tommy. He’s a talented baseball player, aware there was a Major League Baseball pitcher, James Anthony Abbott, who was born without a right hand. Abbott played for 10 seasons, ending in 1999, and once remarked that he’d think about getting a prosthetic hand but only so he could tie his own shoes.

Tommy Morrissey is one young talent to continue trailing. Equally exciting to witness is Signature Gives Back’s rousing momentum. While each entity is unique, together they are passionately empowering.”

Jack Jaiven, Executive Vice President The Signature Real Estate Companies
Direct: 561-705-0140