Serve Loud at SoFlo Sessions

What happens when you take three amigos’, tequila, live music and throw them all in a social media blender? According to Scott Woolley, the COO of Rock-N-Roll Tequila, you get amped up Rock-N-Roll #servedloud. Wooley, who has thirty years of impressive experience in the music and retail industry under his guitar strap, has partnered with the South African born music industry entrepreneur and soccer star Andy Herbst and Dan Marino, the record-holding former NFL
quarterback for the Miami Dolphins and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, to launch one of the nest ultra-premium commercially available tequilas, Rock-N-Roll Tequila.

The brand offers three flavors; Platinum, Mango and Cristalino (Anejo) all of which are made by Master Distiller Jose Aceves. A third-generation tequila producer, Aceves, oversees the production of Rock N Roll Tequila which is made from 100% pure blue webber agave grown on his grandfather’s mountaintop field in the Los Altos highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

Rock N Roll Platinum Tequila is a triple distilled tequila o ered at “silver” pricing. All Rock-N-Roll Tequila products are packaged in uniquely designed, patented glass guitar bottles. Each 750 ML bottle comes with a 50ml bottle top known as a “roadie” which provides an extra complimentary two shots of platinum tequila.
According to Statista in spring of 2017 in a thirty-day period 25.4 million people consumed tequila with residents of California, Texas, and Florida reporting
the highest tequila consumption by state. Therefore, it is no surprise that Woolley, Herbst, and Marino are concentrating initial marketing efforts in those states.

What is surprising is their out of the box, exclusive sponsorship of the SoFlo Music Sessions that serves as a lynchpin for the product line. The SoFlo Music Sessions is a virtual, standalone platform designed to help discover the wide pool of talented musicians living and playing in Florida and beyond. The project is being done in cooperation with the Delray Beach based SoFlo Music School founded by Chris Montague and Lauren Huff.

The rules are both simple and straightforward. Any musician, or band, with three or more original songs who plays instruments can submit an application via the Rock N Roll Tequila website. Once selected, the artist comes into the school were their session is professionally videotaped, edited, and then uploaded by
the sponsors to the SoFlo Session YouTube channel, the SoFlo Facebook page, and the Rock-N-Roll Tequila website where they can be enjoyed by anyone worldwide at no charge. For Woolley, Herbst, and Marino this platform gives them a chance to make dreams come true. Wooley says that “By providing the necessary production services and enhanced social media outlets an unknown artist has access to an additional vehicle by which to gain exposure. It is the hope of the Rock-N-Roll Tequila executives that some of these artists get discovered and become the next new rising star”.

The idea for the sessions campaign had been brewing for several years and came to fruition when Wooley selected the school after seeing their passion for music and developing new artists rst hand. Chris and Lauren had been teaching his three young girls and he felt that the enthusiasm they displayed for showcasing talent convinced him that the SoFlo Music School was the perfect venue for this sponsorship.

Montague, who Wooley credits for being “instrumental in bringing this concept to life, says “The SoFlo Music Session sponsorship is a tremendous opportunity to provide a showcase for a vast number of emerging artists who would otherwise have very limited opportunities to gain exposure. The SoFlo Music Session videos allow us to promote the growing local music scene while also giving people a chance to come together.”

To submit an application or to learn
more about the SoFlo Music Sessions
and Rock-N-Roll Tequila log onto http:// or the
SoFloSession Facebook page.