Rock Wall

If you already love the music of your favorite classic rock bands, just wait until you see their artwork. The Art of Rock, presented by Wentworth Gallery, is a rock and roll experience like no other.

Diehard fans of KISS, The Grateful Dead, The Cars, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Def Leppard can take their adoration of these legendary rock bands to the next level by owning a piece of fine art created by the musicians themselves. For famous rockers like Paul Stanley, Mickey Hart, Ric Ocasek, Michael Cartellone, Rick Allen, and the recently signed Brian Wheat of Tesla, painting is not just a passing fancy; these are serious artists, and no one knows this better than Wentworth Gallery, the nation’s premier fine art retailer.

Rock and Roll art is just one facet of Wentworth’s business. Focused on famous living artists—like pop culture icon Peter Max, internationally-renowned 3D pop artist Charles Fazzino and the beloved painter/sculptor Romero Britto, best known for his vibrant colors and bold patterns—a stroll through one of Wentworth’s galleries is a sensory voyage of psychedelic proportions.

For the 3 brothers O’Mahony who run the business, it didn’t take long to connect the dots between fine art and music. After all, some of the most revered musicians of all time, such as legendary German composer Felix Mendelssohn and the great American songwriter George Gershwin, were also gifted painters. Fortunately, the crossover of genres persists in modern times. “We found that introducing fine art to those who were interested in rock music, and vice versa, created a wonderful synergy,” says Michael O’Mahony Jr., Director of Wentworth Gallery’s Boca Raton location. The Art of Rock, a platform exclusive to Wentworth, honors the artwork of rock superstars through public appearances and special private experiences for collectors. Wentworth’s galleries are housed within some of the most high-end shopping malls in the country, including Boca Raton Town Center, which not only generates a huge amount of foot traffic, but also proves logistically useful when hordes of fans, often in the thousands, congregate for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy a one-on-one encounter (and snap a selfie) with their favorite rock star. On these occasions, the gallery is entirely hung in the artist’s work, and a soundtrack of their hit songs blares, resulting in an immersive rock and roll/art experience. “These are the most genuine guys,” says O’Mahony. “They’re here because they are passionate about their art and expressing it in a different way outside of their music.” (The excitement surrounding Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart’s October visit to Boca is palpable.)

For buyers, the moment lives on. Collectors are treated to exclusive “Life Experiences,” which sometimes include even a tour of the artist’s working studio, dinner with the artist, and a private acoustic jam session. “It’s something that can’t be replicated,” O’Mahony says. “It crystalizes the ownership, because you get to own the art as well as owning the experience that comes with it.”

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