Bring The Outdoors In

Plants add vibrancy and richness to a room and can replace the need for art, sculpture and furniture. Display an orchid as a centerpiece; fill an empty corner with a group of palms or balance out an odd room layout with a bromeliad.


Michael Saruski, of Miami’s Saruski Design, will “sink in a spotlight in the planter of a larger plant – this gives it a different look and personality in the evening”


In a recent project, Patricia Neal, Director, Lifestyle Marketing for Miami-based Graber Realty Group, placed areca palms in umbrella stands on either side of a replace to draw attention to this special feature “The height of the palms, combined with the umbrella shape from the open fronds curving outward framed the replace” Houseplants are easy to maintain. The key to success is the right plant in the right spot. When in doubt, read the plant tag and you’ll find what you need to know, or visit a website like to see light and watering conditions.


Justin Hancock, Horticulturist, for Costa Farms, gives us 5 low maintenance varietals that are sure to add charm and sophistication throughout a home. Here are 5 of his favorites from the Exotic Angel collection:


lemon button fern plants
Lemon Button Fern

Snake plant: It’s been a favorite for generations. You can practically put it anywhere inside—from low light to bright light—as long as you don’t overwater it. (Let the soil surface dry before watering snake plant again.)


ZZ plant: Like snake plant, it’s delightfully easy, making it perfect for beginners.


Red Aglaonema: The name is kind of a mouthful, but it thrives even when neglected and shows off colorful red- and pink- splashed leaves, even in low-light situations.


Spider plant: Usually grown in hanging basket, spider plant has long, almost grassy leaves. It withstands a range of light conditions and holds up well to inconsistent watering.
Peperomia: A compact, little plant that has thick, fleshy leaves, it’s great for desks and tabletops. It’s not too fussy about when it’s watered or what kind of light it’s in.
As an added benefit, you will breathe better and feel better when surrounded by plants. These green oxygen machines reduce mold, mildew and bacteria counts in the air by up to 60%. They can also lower blood pressure and other symptoms of stress while improving our concentration levels and memory retention.
No wonder “Greenery” is Pantone’s color of the year for 2017. So go ahead, get your green on.

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