PAIN – A National Epidemic

I keep hearing about the opioid crisis in the country. Drugs are being prescribed to treat pain, which can be e ective short-term, but are fatal with continued, long-term use. This is now a huge problem, and epidemic even. The best way to deal with pain is by using natural therapy, in my case acupuncture, medical massage, shiatsu, reflexology, specialized stretching and homeopathic injections. This type of approach has no side effects!

Drugs treat symptoms, not causes, so things get worse. I mostly have been treating pain for 32 years worldwide, whether the cause is mental, emotional stress or pain from work injuries or sports activities. Some pain can also be caused by a bad diet.

Inflammation and pain are partners in many disorders, especially in current times. People are suffering from high levels of stress and simply stated: they are burned-out. Stress comes from many aspects in personal and work life, and often is di€fficult to eliminate. Technology obsessions including watching tv, and staring at computers and cell phones day and night can really stress mind and body with over-stimulation. This results in adrenaline and cortisol being
released too often, with a result of pain and inflammation. This is why so many people have low back pain — adrenal fatigue!

If you are stressing out on a daily basis all body tissues suffer — muscles, joints, nerves, blood vessels, and internal organs. Increased stress levels wreak havoc on the body resulting in the release of too much sugar and pain causing chemicals. This may lead to an assortment of painful diseases and disorders including
fibromyalgia, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver toxicity, diabetes digestive problems, migraines and headaches, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many more.

Stress-induced reduction in blood circulation and nerve function is diabolical. A band-aid approach with these problems solves nothing. You must treat the root cause. Natural medicine has been around for thousands of years and has amazing success — with no side-effects.

The results have often amazed me. My approach is what I call my “Combo Treatment” that uses many different techniques in the same session whereby I am creating multiple healing effects in the body at the same time. I once was treating a back problem and the woman said her skin problem was getting better
– not unusual. Acupuncture releases healing hormones — endorphins, dopamine and serotonin — which eliminate pain and inflammation, and make you feel calm and relaxed. Also body energy (Qi) is increased and made to flow freely This affects all body functions and EVERYTHING works better. A total tune-up!

My patients often report the following results after acupuncture: Better sleep, more energy, less pain, more stamina, much easier body movements and better sexual activity. The next step is to dissolve muscle knots and scar tissue with therapeutic massage and trigger point therapy. The muscles are then stretched and
sometimes I will inject diffi€cult tissue with homeopathic pain medicine. This “Combo Treatment” produces the fastest and most effective results. Furthermore, the absolute best way have to achieve ideal results is when the patient works together with me as a team: They make positive lifestyle changes based on my advice and I address their concerns by providing the best treatments.

Dr. Norwood is an internationally acclaimed
physician in natural medicine.
He has 32 years experience in clinics
worldwide specializing mainly in pain
and injury for stressed out professionals,
athletes and people in pain suerring
from work injuries and from other
causes. He has also provided services
for several 5-star resort spas to help
their clients rejuvenate. He has an impressive
80% success rate.

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