Your Home Is Your Story

Interior Decorator Nikki Levy has been shaping and enhancing living spaces most of her life. “My grandfather and uncle were contractors,” says Levy. “My mother was a businesswoman, but designed and bought and sold homes so I have always been around the business. She was taking me to meetings and showrooms when I was five and six years old. When she wasn’t home I would rearrange the furniture.” In other words, she’s a natural.


Levy’s design business started organically. Originally in the advertising field, her boss asked Levy to design her house as a favor, and then more and more people asked for her skills as a decorator. Expanding on her “hobby,” eventually she became a Certified Interior Decorator.

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Nikki Levy Interiors

“When I moved here from South Africa 6 years ago, I had all new furniture made there and shipped here. As new friends saw my home, they wanted to know about my style and it snowballed from there.” Nikki Levy Interiors has been in business for over 10 years, serving South Florida for 4 years now.
The most important thing to Levy as an interior decorator is to understand what the client wants and never lose the feel of the personal “story,” the identity of the people in the home. “Some clients want a practical design for raising kids, some want to integrate antiques their parents left them, some want a peaceful oasis, others something vibrant or techie. I want you to be able to see the footprints of the owner in the design.” Levy likes for every room to have an element — color, feel, theme or shape — that relates to the whole. “Certain design threads run through everything,” she says. “I love the use of wallpaper, especially textures; for instance, used correctly grasscloth enhances as a metroorganic element. I like wall moldings, traditional to modern. I love the use of color: blue is timeless; blush is prevalent at the moment. What I’m loving about design right now is that there is nothing dictating where I need to be.”


Levy’s work is not limited to residential. “I’m doing a most phenomenal office in Deerfield Beach at the moment: very urban and industrial, a lot of graffiti and brickwork.” It’s for Playwire Media, a full-service digital innovation partner that leverages online advertising and proprietary technologies to build publishing brands in the gaming and entertainment fields. “The company wants the staff to have joy at work in a totally fun interactive environment,” says Levy. The concept of feeling both comfortable and stimulated where you work and in what you do is one Levy understands very well. “I want to be in business to love what I do and have good relationships. If I feel a project would be worthwhile on an emotional level for artistic satisfaction I will take it on.”


The South Florida environment agrees with Levy. “Weather wise, it’s what we are used to: beach and sun. There is no other place in the United States that I would rather live in.” But her affection for the location extends to the people she meets and with whom she works. “The people I work with in this industry are good solid citizens and passionate about what they do, whether cabinetry, flooring, or graphics. They bring the most amazing energy and presence.”


Now an international design expert, Levy was awarded Best of House of South Florida and West Palm Beach last year by HOUZZ, the biggest online database of interior decorating photographs. Check out her archive of dreamy, crisp, and vivid designs, but remember that what she creates for you depends on your own individual needs and your story, which will be reflected throughout your home.


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