New Year’s Resolution: Start a Savings Plan

As I write this New Year’s article (Jan/Feb 2018 STB) during the Thanksgiving Holiday, I am most thankful for health, family & friends…

I was trying to decide what message I could deliver to you for the New Year that would save you time, money & stress throughout the college planning process & life in general…

I began reflecting on all the families that have been through our offices the last few months…

Sept–Dec is a hectic/stressful time for many college-bound families in the midst of Application requirements, and Financial Aid deadlines…

Now, as you read this in Jan 2018, these next few months Jan–Mar 2018 will be spent waiting on acceptances (maybe even silently praying for a denial from the most expensive schools).

In Mar-Apr 2018 you will be awaiting the financial aid award letters, hoping for some grants/scholarships, leading up to that MAY 1st Decision Deadline…requiring both an academic & financial commitment to the school of your child’s choosing…

Many parents meet with us every day seeking a ‘last-minute Hail-Mary’ to answer their financial prayers…

Inevitably, this is what we hear…
“I/We wish we would have…
a) started saving/planning
b) met you
c) a & b
much sooner/earlier.”

We get this a lot.

Here is the obvious reason.
• College is Ridiculously Expensive!
• $100,000 for a State University
• Up to $300,000 for an Elite Private University
• Grad School, Law School, Med School
• The simple answer is that you need to SAVE More!
• Save Systematically, Predictably & Intelligently — but how do we do that when our budget is precariously stretched as is?

What if you discovered that you have more money to save already in your budget…but you have some leaks that need to be repaired so you can create savings within your current budget without changing your lifestyle.

You must eliminate these unnecessary, unknowing ‘wealth transfers’, in order to SAVE more of your own money. Cash-flow management to create SAVINGS space in your budget so you can Save More—systematically, predictably, intelligently — for college, emergency funds, long-term care, unexpected expenses, retirement, etc. Remember, this is what is called ‘late-stage’ college planning…

You had 18 years to plan…

If you had it to do again…

“The best time to plant a tree was
20 years ago. The second best time is
now.”– Chinese Proverb

I can see if/how we can get you on
track to meet your college savings
goals for your children.

Make Your New Year’s Resolution
to Schedule Your ‘SAVINGS Analysis’
with me and Let’s Start 2018 with a

***Schedule a ‘savings analysis’ with
my staff at 561-995-1418…ask for
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J. Jay Greene is a founding member of Ducerus—Your Total College Solution, the nation’s leading educational consulting company. He is considered South Florida’s leading expert in planning, preparing and paying for college. Since January 2008, J. Jay has helped thousands of families save tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of college. He has been a guest on David Weir’s ‘South Florida Business Report’- WPEC-TV channel 12, Steve Pomeranz “On The Money” 101.9FM radio, and currently on Boca Chamber Radio. He has been featured in the Sun Sentinel & is a featured speaker for many PTSAs, College Fairs & High Schools in Palm Beach & Broward Counties. J. Jay is also an Ambassador for the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce.