It’s A New Day and Age for Keeping Fit

Remember the old days in the world of fitness? You’d struggle with the commitment involved in figuring out how to fit the gym class in that you like, and then spend hours there by the time you figured out a routine, milled around, showered and changed.

It’s a different scenario at Slash Fitness. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” Indeed, they are beat- ing a path to Slash Fitness because they’ve got it figured out to get you the most fitness, in the least amount of time. It’s a new world and they use today’s technology to provide a better system — think digital and “appointment-based.” Receive a text message once you book a class (beginning every hour, on the half-hour), work out for 45 minutes to an hour and you’re home to make dinner for the kids or put your feet up and watch the game.

Slash Fitness is not a franchise nor is it advertised on radio or TV. Yet it outgrew its first location in a year thanks to raves spread by word of mouth. Now the two owners, Joe Ardagna and Austin Brock are proud to be celebrating their 5th anniversary in a spacious location of more than 3,000 square-feet. They knew each other from working as fitness trainers at another facility but they both could foresee “a shift in the industry.” They realized they shared the same ideas, vision, and desire to move on in a new direction. They started out small, with classes in parks and in Austin’s garage, and they’ve come a long way since those early days.

Today, clients come to Slash Fitness four to six times a week for 45-minute sessions. As Austin said, “our program is concise and effective.” There are up to 24 people in a class, each at their own station with all of their own individualized equipment. It’s so popular, there are now wait lists to get into classes. Using another innovation, the moment a space opens, you receive an automated message to your cell phone to confirm that you’re ‘in.’ It’s a gloriously simplified system with no initiation fees, no contracts, and no restrictions on ability level or age. There’s an easy month-to-month membership for as little as $49 and individual classes are as low as $15 each. You can buy packages of sessions and your purchase never expires so the pressure is off if you are sick, traveling or a snow bird who will be up north for 6 months.

“We place a huge emphasis on safety and personal connection” said Joe, “because we are truly about seeing people reach their goals.” So what makes Slash Fitness so unique? It could be the group style workout that nurtures a sense of community. It could be the efficient concept that Austin succinctly describes as “get in, get out.” He added, acheter du cialis en ligne “It’s effective and seamless.” It also could be that there is a Slash “App’ so it’s easy to make your own appointments. There’s no in-house smoothie shop but they do have ready-to-eat (RTEs) meals and ready-to-drink (RTDs) protein shakes. Austin and Joe know that everyone today is ultra-busy and time is a huge factor.

This system is streamlined to get you where you want to go… fast.

Slash Fitness is also unique in that you don’t see rooms filled with machines. “In here,” Joe explained, your body is the machine.” The format is to work a certain set of muscle groups each day, using those muscles while burning calories in a safe, high-energy environment. There is a mixture of traditional strength exercises with weights as well as new age high intensity function training, all under the watchful eye of an instructor who has spent years perfecting his craft. Trainers are also highly skilled and certified in first aid, CPR, and AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators.) New trainers are required to “shadow” and observe Joe and Austin through their internship program before being allowed to work independently with clients.

To make it fun and challenging, Slash Fitness has a monthly newsletter that keeps members up to date on trainers’ health advice and upcoming events. Recently, Joe and Austin organized a memorable 96 person group workout that encompassed their entire building inside and out.

If you’d like to experience this sensational new system and see what all the raves are about, you can call and go in for a complimentary trial session. As Austin said, “it’s about creating a road map to health — eating properly, drinking plenty of water, and working out regularly — it becomes a lifestyle.” Joe added, “we track your progress; we’ll show you how to be in the best shape of your life.”

Slash Fitness is located at 290 SE 6th Avenue, Suite 2, in Delray Beach. Phone: (561) 865-5716.