Jason Alexander, Design Storyteller

Many successful interior de­signers put a signature stamp on their work. Not so for Jason Alexander, President and Head Designer of J Alexander Interiors in Fort Lauderdale. Instead, he tells a tale as any skilled biographer would, eliciting the details from the mind of his customer by asking the right questions and getting the right answers to translate the design story into one that is uniquely their own. “My biggest role as a designer is to tell the story, starting with what catches my client’s eye, and then turning their thoughts into reality,” he says. “I’m not a one-look designer and I pride myself on that.”

Curious about the design world from the get go by acheter viagra watching his grandfather in the upholstery business, Alexander, 43, who was raised in Coral Springs, realized after receiving only a snippet of formal design training that he already possessed the nat­ural instincts he needed to succeed in the industry. He’s been enrolled in the “school of life” ever since.

His personal tale is one of both talent and timing. He obtained his first client 17 years ago while working for a furniture manufac­turer. His first endeavor was one wall unit, and fortuitously his second was a complete experience 7,200 square foot home in Cypress Head. “My work experience had never been even remotely that broad,” recounts Alexander, “but I quickly had to tell myself: ‘I got this'”. The project was a success, and within a year he started his own company.

Alexander consistently plays with textures and layers to achieve the desired effect, whether the project is residential or commercial. “I like organic natural tex­tures,” says Alexander. “Faux finishes are kind of “out” so I have no fear of wallpaper.” He also loves to mix glass and stone, and play with porcelains which have become increasingly multifaceted. “Textures and tones give warmth to a contemporary look,” he explains. “I consider all the elements and assign them to the right applications, always keeping it crisp and bright.”

It bears repeating that his clients’ wishes are always at the forefront of Alexander’s mind. In his opinion, should they ever ut­ter the words: “my designer made me buy that,” it would be considered a “fail.” “I never want that to be my storyline,” he says. His attitude is that the end result, a completely customized livable and/or workable space, should reflect the client’s vision, not his.