Ideas For Annuities

There are some pretty amazing things that happen around the time of retirement. For many, it is a time of incredible change, perhaps the most dramatic change in your adult life. Now you have stepped away from the career that supported you and your family. That paycheck you have been receiving for the last 40 years is
now gone, and it’s time to turn your carefully managed savings into a stream of income that lasts as long as you do. There is no better time than the present to review your retirement plans. It is crucial that your assets are structured to grow and generate a Guaranteed Lifetime Income.


1) Managing Your Lifestyle Change:
Perhaps you envisioned a retirement as a permanent vacation where you can golf everyday visit a new destination on a regular basis finding new activities to occupy your time that you thought about for years. One thing’s for sure you need guaranteed income to make all these plans come true.

2) Look at Risk differently:
During your working years you had time and a salary on your side so risk was not a concern. Now that you are approaching retirement or are already retired there is no better time to reposition your money into retirement, too. If you experience a market loss of 20%, you might have to learn to live on 20% less income for
the foreseeable future. Additionally, if your account were to lose 20%, a corresponding 20 percent recovery would not get you back to “whole.” In order to recoup the loss, you would actually need a 25% gain. For example, if you had $100,000 and lost 20%, your new balance would be $80,000. If the account grew in
the following year by 20%, the account balance would be $96,000. In years past, you probably had a regular income stream. If the need arose, you could set an additional amount aside to help get your savings back on track. While working full time and earning an income, you may have had quite a different attitude about your money. Your biggest income producing asset was yourself! Once that asset stops producing income, your other assets are too important to leave to chance.

3) Finding a safe haven for your hard earned money:
The number one concern of retirees is outliving their money. The number two concern is experiencing a market correction and living on less money than anticipated. If you are like most people then a Guaranteed Lifetime Income contract is exactly what the financial Dr. ordered to create a regular income stream guaranteed for the rest of your life.

Fixed Indexed Annuities offer The Solution that many people are seeking: They will outpace inflation and give you the growth you need, provide protection against market risk, and create an income stream that you can never outlive even if the account value falls to zero. These products are offered by Insurance companies and allow you to insure your money against any and all market risk. These features address retirees’ two main concerns, which makes these products essential for retirees.

Today, you can manage your lifestyle, avoid market volatility and create a lifetime income stream by working with me. I have helped thousands of families retire smart. As an independent agent, I find the product that is specifically designed to fit all your needs. Fixed indexed annuities may be able to help you address each of the changes that retirement brings, so you can financially survive, even thrive, during your retirement—and enjoy the next stage of your life even more!


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