Hair Apparent

Linda Alfieri’s roots in the beauty industry run deep. A vivacious and energetic woman, she entered the beauty industry at the age of seventeen and for twenty-three years she has been the guiding force behind the Linda Alfieri Hair Replacement Center & Full Studio Salon located in Boca Raton. She specializes in providing non-surgical hair replacement alternatives for men, women, and children suffering from thinning hair or medical hair loss.

Linda is the daughter of the legendary wig designer, Charles Alfieri, who achieved universal recognition for his development of Naturaline (TM) the world’s first lace front hair piece. The Naturaline (TM) international patent has been secured twice by cosmetic giant Revlon and its Japanese parent company. Their wigs are the gold standard and the Alfieri family has enjoyed a long-standing global reputation for creating nondetectable wigs using only the nest natural hair sourced from Europe and Russia. Their status in the industry affords them unprecedented competitive costs which result in lower prices for their clients.

Alfieri medical hair loss patients are referred from leading cancer centers, dermatologists, oncologists, and plastic surgeons. The salon maintains a dedicated medical billing specialist who guides qualifying clients through the insurance reimbursement process. The initial studio visit includes a forty-five minute complimentary consultation with Ms. Alfieri which is conducted in a discreet, private suite. Linda then develops an individualized treatment plan that includes anything from color, extensions, bonding, wig design, volume cuts, and access to The Linda Alfieri Collection. Her hair care collection was developed in cooperation with leading chemists and features the Linda Alfieri Hair Loss Recovery Serum. The serum stops early stage hair loss and stimulates new hair growth. The shampoo boasts a “root sweller” which makes the hair appear three times fuller and thicker after just one use.

Alfieri’s passion for easing day-to-day life does not end with her salon. This serial entrepreneur is also the owner of Truce Natural Pain Relief Products, which are used by NFL, NBA, and PGA athletes. Additionaly, their acclaimed CBD Remedy is now nationally distributed, while an expanded distribution of Truce National Pain Relief Products to Canada, and other coun- tries, will begin in the coming months.

While known for her expertise correcting hair loss, Linda welcomes all and provides a wide range of traditional salon services Tuesday-Saturday. The Linda Alfieri Hair Replacement Center & Full Studio is located at 127 E. Palmetto Park Road. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call 561-549-0007.