Good Riddance VIA REMOTE

Want to Say Farewell to Mosquitos Once and For All? There’s an App for That.

They’re a species that is universally detested and even feared: mosquitos. But now, it’s easier than ever to fight back, thanks to the SWAT
Mosquito System, which homeowners can conveniently operate right from their iPad or smart phone.

“We’re the only company that offers an app for androids and iPhones,” says Brent Ball of SWAT, who explains that in an increasingly technological world, it was the obvious next step for the company that is far and away the leader in its field.

Imagine you’re a snowbird. It’s now actually possible to turn on your system before you even set foot on the plane. And if house guests are visiting and you’re out of town, the problem is solved at the touch of a button.

It’s wonderful news for South Florida homeowners. Our region attracts a migration of people from all over the world in search of a life of in paradise. Unfortunately, the tropics attract unwanted guests as well: mosquitos. Palm trees, balmy weather, sunshine…those pesky buzzers can put a damper on it all, and anyone who’s felt the itch, or feared the disease the insects are inclined to carry, can rest easy knowing there’s a resolution that’s not only effective, but environmentally-safe.

“People invest so much in a new home, and then can’t even enjoy it,” explains Brent Ball of SWAT Mosquito Systems. “They’re like prisoners in their own
homes.” Ball says he has had realtors tell him on numerous occasions that if there were several houses on the block for sale, that only the one that has the system
would successfully sell. “That’s how much of a difference it makes.”

SWAT has been serving our South Florida community for more than 10 years, and, according to Ball, they are very proud and very grateful. SWAT has gained a loyal following, which Ball attributes not only to the effectiveness of the product, but to referrals. “If we fog a house before a party, we’ll get at least four or five new customers from that party alone.”

As a company, SWAT works tirelessly to live up to its glowing reputation by trying to achieve as close to a 100 percent success rate as possible. “We don’t cut corners. We get it right the first time. I design every home as if it were mine,” says Ball, adding that proper installation, the regular top notch service they provide, and appropriate usage by the homeowner all contribute to achieving the best results.

Additionally, a SWAT Mosquito System is practically effortless, as they take care of everything with speed and efficiency. They regularly check nozzles, refill the system automatically, and clean the filters. “We can monitor times and tank levels right from our office,” Ball explains. “We get emailed immediately if there’s a leak. Sometimes we show up to do the repair before the homeowner even knows there’s a problem.”

SWAT Mosquito Systems utilizes Pyrethrum, a safe solution derived from chrysanthemums. They also offer a 100 percent USDA National Organic Compliant alternative, a rosemary-based solution made up of essential plant extracts and oils. The formula might sound sweet, herbal, flowery and therefore harmless, but SWAT guarantees their method is downright deadly to annoying mosquitos and other pests. That’s because their revolutionary, fully automated misting system doesn’t just repel the insects, it veritably annihilates them. Therefore, enlisting the help of SWAT Mosquito Systems is both an efficient, and nontoxic way to combat mosquitos as well as other pests including spiders, flies, ticks, wasps, gnats, and elusive nosee-ums.

SWAT Mosquito System has been approved by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC). President and Founder Steve Jenkins, along with cofounders Damon Cook and Wylie Davis, first launched their mosquito misting business in 2002, quickly becoming
the highest grossing company of its kind in Northern Texas. The concept had originally been used on dairy farms and at equestrian centers, but Jenkins conceived the idea of using it residentially. Years later, Floridians rejoiced, while mosquitos ran for cover.

“SWAT can wipe out your mosquito problem in as little as two weeks — ensuring peace of mind and restoring the ability to enjoy the outdoors,” says Jenkins. “When you choose SWAT Mosquito Systems, you can be con dent of worry-free, insect-free enjoyment of your outdoor spaces for years to come.”

Here’s how it works: the company installs a custom-built misting system of sprays, strategically located and concealed around the perimeter of the home. “The truly e€ffective method for killing and controlling the mosquito population is to create a barrier around the home,” explains Jenkins. The Pyrethrum is “misted” for about 30-60 seconds, three or four times a day. It directly a€ffects the nervous system of biting insects, which kills rather than just repelling.

Think about it. Other repellent options can be a hassle, and don’t necessarily get the job done. Lighting citronella candles, or spraying can after can of stinky spray on your skin, only to have the mosquitoes come back and bite you in the you-know-what. SWAT’s system is favored by homeowners because it’s convenient and unobtrusive.

But there’s another reason to choose SWAT over conventional methods. Other pest control companies’ treatments only lasts a few days. It can take mosquitos from 7-10 days from hatching from the egg to becoming an adult. You’ll get a little relief for a couple of days with conventional methods, but for real efficacy, it’s a constant battle that needs to be fought every day. As Ball puts it: “Not only does our system really work, it’s the only thing that works.”

SWAT is the only company that off€ers a lifetime warranty on all its equipment. They pro-rate the product so you only pay for what you use, thus keeping costs down. And they are vigilant in battling any new species that develops, such as the Zika virus. Every technician has reoccurring training yearly to assure they are fully briefed on their latest opposition.

With state-of-the-art technology, ease of operation, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in the best of hands with SWAT, it would seem there’s nothing more to worry about when it comes to fighting mosquitos. But there is one thing to fear: becoming addicted!

“Our office is like 911 during mosquito season,” says Ball. “People rely on us. They don’t know what to do without us!”

For more information, call 1-866-900- SWAT, or visit