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Last week, I had a design meeting with a new client to discuss retail growth strategies for her independent brand, a locally based small business. Do you  immediately take for granted that we talked about standard retail footprints, mall lease terms and designated parking spots? Well, none of these topics came up. What we talked about was dramatically customizing a portable yurt or vintage Volkswagen bus to create a new disruptive retail design solution for our client to easily take her brand wherever she wanted to build a new customer base.

As a Retail Design Strategist that specializes in Disruptive Retail, I have had many client meetings just like this one. For our clients, standard design solutions simply will not work. The clear advantage of Disruptive Retail is that it is based in a proven marketing strategy that leads to a custom design solution that suits the unique needs of each of our clients.

When you start a business online, you have a wide selection of design tools to help you build your brand and create the look you desire. Why not have the same choices for taking your brand or business o€nline and creating an effective and efficient design solution that you can use in the marketplace over-and-over again?

Recognizing the need for independent brands and small businesses to have choices in how they enter the o€nline marketplace led me to build Create Disruptive Retail® the premier online-to-o€nline design platform devoted to creating unique o€nline retail solutions for brands, businesses, agencies and non-profits.

When you visit, you can explore our pillars of strategy, experience our paths of design, engage with a DisruptShop, learn about our series of e-books called The Definitive Guides to Disruptive Retail, visit our online store, and enjoy learning about online-to-o€nline retailing.

An introduction to what you will find on includes:

Today, consumers use their smartphone as a shopping tool. They also use their smartphone to share memorable brand and shopping experiences. Our design paths for Experiences are targeted ways to deliver, shop, share and showcase what you do best.

Business owners today are looking to educate, engage, and interact with their clients and customers. Our design paths for Destinations offer effective solutions to directly reach, engage and build a brand connection.

Integrating the IoT and cutting-edge technologies is vital for your brand or business to remain relevant in today’s marketplace. With Structures, we make sure your design works to effectively incorporate the IoT (Internet of Things) and remain comfortable, inviting, and functional.

Mobile retail as a means of doing business is something many entrepreneurs are choosing these days. Food trucks are one great example. Our design paths for Vehicles highlight the unique benefits of mobile retailing.

Altered Realities
Real world experiences are much more interesting with augmented reality (AR) and an immersive experience in virtual reality (VR) can propel your brand or business to success. Our design paths for Altered Realities are where you can learn how AR and VR will work for you.

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