Dressed To Sell

“Presentation is everything.”

The statement can apply to many situ- ations, and for home sales, presentation can literally make or break the sale. Let’s say there are two comparable homes for sale in the same neighborhood, both priced similarly. One is empty, cold and vacant; the other is warm, inviting, beautifully-decorated, and smells like fresh linen. Which one are you more likely to buy? The answer is obvious.

“Within 10 seconds, a buyer has a posi- tive connection…or not at all,” explains Jes- sica Sanabria Musall, owner of Sanabria Interiors, a full-service home staging com- pany providing staging, redesign, styling and furniture leasing services throughout Palm Beach County. “A property that is ‘staged’ helps people see the potential of what a home can really offer. It welcomes buyers and sets the stage for an amazing showing.” The process is not only about presenting a home at its best, but about visualization. According to Jessica, only a small percentage of house-hunters can picture a finished room when they’re staring at a blank canvas. Staging helps them to envision it, and preview what it would really be like to live there.

Sanabria Interiors uses its own vast inventory of furniture, decorations, & accessories for staging, which is constantly turned over to maintain quality and stay on trend. “On a monthly basis, we are purchasing what’s fresh, new, and popular,” assures Jessica. “Everything is perfect, and of-the-moment.”

Jessica’s diverse education and experience seems to have led to this. She majored in Cello Performance, with a minor in Psychology, from Florida International University. She later realized her passion was in homes so she obtained her real estate license and pursued her studies at The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale graduating with a degree in Residential Design. While working at her family’s real estate company, BJS Realty Group, Jessica realized early on that nicely-decorated homes were selling exponentially better than those that weren’t. “I immediately saw the importance and need for staging and decided to open a full service company so people could not only list their homes, but stage and market them to sell at their highest potential.” Her background in real estate makes Jessica stand out amongst other stagers. Jessica understands the entire home sale process—from the listing presentation to the closing, and everything in between. She knows what today’s buyers expect and delivers homes that exceed those expectations. Now, instead of playing her instrument in an orchestra, it is the homes she stages that perform.

Jessica draws the distinction between decorating and staging, emphasizing the importance of making the house appeal to mass buyers. “You decorate a home to personalize it. You stage a home to depersonalize it,” she explains. “Buyers don’t want to see how you live, they want to see how they will live.”

To learn more about Sanabria Interiors go to www.sanabriainteriors.com or call 561-316-SOLD (7653).