Ditch These 6 Brain Myths That Most People Still Believe

Your brain knows a heck of a lot about you, but how much do you know about your brain? Most people I meet know more about their car than they know about their brain. As a result, neuro-ignorance is rampant.  Most people still believe these six outdated neuro-myths.

1) We only use 10 percent of our
2) A normal brain declines with age
3) Crossword puzzles and sudoku
provide good brain exercise
4) Dietary ber does not influence
brain chemistry
5) The rate of Alzheimer’s disease
is on the rise in the United States
6) Posture and core muscles have
little to do with brain health

If any of these toxic falsehoods are swimming around in your head, I suggest you replace them with science-based tips and tools to take charge of your brain fitness.

First and foremost, here is the good news about your brain. Fine wine is designed to improve with age—and so is the human brain! The rest of our
body is not able to get better with age, but our brain can, thanks to a magic trick called neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is a healthy brain’s secret weapon for improving with age. Effective brain training pushes brain cells (neurons) to grow new connections with other neurons. This process or rewiring the brain, referred to as neuroplasticity, is the key to superior brain fitness at any age.

So how do we get our brains to grow? Give the brain something new to do. Our brains are sitting around up there, awaiting our commands. Neurons will do the work we give them to do, as long as we keep bugging them to get the job done.

But building new connections is a lot of work, so our thrifty brains only bother to grow when it is really necessary. Nothing done by routine and habit requires the brain to change and grow.

The best daily activities for brain training are often fun! For example, dancing and singing offer much better brain exercise than crossword puzzles or sudoku. However, since every brain is different, a one-size-ts-all approach to brain training does not work. The best place to start is by learning about the five key brain assets that we all have, and then choosing an activity to work your least active brain asset.

To learn more about your brain assets and the activities that work them, come to a free Train Your Brain Workshop, based on my book Better with Age: The Ultimate Guide to Brain Training.

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Phyllis T. Strupp, MBA is an awardwinning
author and brain training
expert, speaking to audiences around
the U.S. on how to make brains and
lives get better with age. Her background
includes a “Brain Research in
Education” Certicate from the University
of Washington in Seattle. Before
establishing Brain Wealth, she had a
30-year business career, including an
MBA in nance from Columbia University.
Her book Better with Age: The Ultimate
Guide to Brain Training o ers
a proven strategy for boosting brain
performance at any age.