How to Choose a Vein Center

With our good weather and outdoor activities, South Floridians are very aware of their vein problems. As a patient with concerns about your varicose veins, there are many options for treatment. In fact, South Florida has one of the largest concentrations of “vein clinics” in the country. The reason: anyone can call themselves a “vein specialist”, and the Florida medical boards allow any licensed physician to perform procedures. As a result, there are many physicians who are “board certified” and refer to themselves as vein doctors, but few of these people are vascular surgeons. Varicose veins and spider veins are a vascular problem, and as such, vascular surgeons are uniquely trained and experienced to deal with all aspects of the problem, including the evaluation, treatment and follow up care.

Experienced vascular surgeons approach patients with a comprehensive view, and are not just focused on the obvious veins you can see. We often joke with patients that it would be silly to call a plumber if you were having an electrical problem, so why would you let anyone other than a Vascular Surgeon treat
your vascular problem? There are only two certi cation organizations authorized by Congress (ABMS and AOA). There are highly selective and stringent requirements that qualify a physician to be legitimately “Board Certi ed”. This process includes the successful completion of an approved Residency training
program, continuous medical education courses and the completion of multiple board certification exams. If you have any doubts about a doctor’s qualifications, ask who he/she is certified by and in what specialty. (Would you want an Orthopedic Surgeon (bones) to deliver your baby?).

The staff€ of The Kimmel Institute is composed of highly skilled professionals as well. With extensive experience working with me since 1994, Julie Foster, RN, has gained superior knowledge of vascular diseases and vein problems. Our two ultrasound technologists, Clara Lingerfeldt and Melissa Briggs, are both certified
as Registered Vascular Technologists (RVT/ARDMS) and also have significant experience with venous disease. They have both worked at the Kimmel Institute for over eight years. My staff€ and I have performed more than 5,000 vein ablations and microphlebectomies, as well as thousands of cosmetic vein procedures.

These statistics are reinforced by the fact that we are a designated training center in the techniques of vein treatment for other physicians from around the country. And while The Kimmel Institute has expanded to meet the needs of our growing patient referrals, we continue to set the standard for vein treatment in
South Florida. In fact, we have seen a number of patients who have been treated elsewhere, but come to us because they are not satisfied with the care they received previously. So when you are deciding on whom to trust to take care of your vein problems, ask yourself a few basic questions. Is the doctor a Board
Certified Vascular Surgeon? Does he/she have the experience of thousands of patients and procedures to deal with any potential problems that may occur? Is the office dedicated to the treatment of vein disease, or is this just a small sideline part of their main practice? Is the office able to manage all aspects of the vein disease, not just the cash-paying cosmetic patients? Is the staff€ highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable? Does the staff€ treat you in a personal and individual way that makes you feel comfortable? Are other patients happy with their results? Is this office willing to help you by working with your insurance
company whenever possible?

There is no substitute for experience and training. If you want exceptional quality care for your veins, then The Kimmel Institute should be your only choice in South Florida!

Call us now and let us exceed your expectations.

As the Medical Director of The Kimmel
Institute, Dr Kimmel’s training included
7 years of residency following medical
school, and he has been in private
practice in Boca Raton since 1991. He
is Board Certified as both a Vascular
and Cardiothoracic Surgeon, and has
treated thousands of patients for their
vascular problems. Currently, Dr Kimmel‘s
practice is exclusively dedicated
to the o„ce based management of
patients with vein disease (although he
still maintains hospital privileges). This
combination of advanced training and
experience makes The Kimmel Institute
one of the few South Florida offices to
provide exceptional quality care from
the right specialist for your veins.