A Summer Guide to Disruptive Retail

Summer is the perfect time to relax and take a break, indulge in good foods, explore new places and spend time shopping at a leisurely pace. While shopping online can be quick and easy, summer shopping is more suited to going offline, getting out and about, exploring new shopping destinations and experiences. In other words, summer is a great time to enjoy disruptive retail. Disruptive retail is a creative design solution that bridges online-to-offline retailing. And today, with the benefit of a voice assistant on your smartphone, in your car, in your house, or the office, it has never been easier to find a fun new disruptive retail experience.

Use of voice assistants has grown easier for us as technology companies have advanced voice recognition capabilities. Today, you can simply ask Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Android’s Google Assistant or Microsoft’s Cortana, for any type of disruptive retail experience you are looking to enjoy. If you already find yourself using a voice assistant, you are not alone. A recent survey found that 51% of respondents are actively using voice assistants and their smartphone is the most common way of connecting (Capgemini Conversational Commerce
Survey, October–November 2017).

A few more interesting facts from this survey are that 82% of voice assistant users like the fast and accurate replies. And, more than 69% of respondents preferred using a voice assistant in their living rooms. Only about half of these respondents liked to use a voice assistant around strangers, indicating a preference for a private setting. The largest age group using voice assistants is 33 – 45 years old and almost one in five of the respondents had a household income over $100K on an annual, pre-tax basis.

This survey also found that in the future, as a shopping tool, voice assistants will be helping us shop, deal with customer service issues and decide where to make a purchase. Since we are fans of disruptive innovation here at Gustie Creative, we say, why wait for the future? Here are some conversation starters for
you and your favorite voice assistant to find disruptive retail experiences over the summer months…

“Hey Alexa, where is the nearest
food truck rally?”

Food Trucks are mobile and go directly to the consumer. Marketing is typically social media driven and fans follow, like, and share their favorite foods and trucks on their social channels.

Food truck rallies are a great opportunity to try many different foods.

“Siri, let’s schedule a visit with a fashion truck!”

A Fashion Truck is a converted courier truck that serves as a boutique on wheels for an independent retailer. Specific brands and a highly curated selection of products are featured. Many fashion truck owners schedule private appointments and drive to your home or office.

“Google, tell me about Wynwood Art Walks!”

Enjoy an Art Walk and Shop Local! Visit a trendy Pop Up Store or get a bargain at a Flash Sale. A Pop Up Store is open temporarily to take advantage of a trend or test the marketplace. A Flash Sale is a deeply discounted sale of goods or services for a very limited time.

“Hi Cortana, where’s a Pop Up
Store in Boca Raton or Delray Beach
this weekend?”

Summer is the perfect time to relax and take a break, indulge in good foods, explore new places and spend time shopping at a leisurely pace. Simply clear your schedule, choose your voice assistant and go!

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