5 Ways To Prioritize Your Health

It’s easy to fall into a rut where health is concerned. Here are some old and new ways to prioritize wellness.

Let’s face it. Evenings are busy. So, taking control of your mornings can be key. If the hardest part about working out is just get- ting out of bed, stay accountable by mak- ing plans with friends. Get your yoga-lov- ing coworker to commit to a weekly class with you, or start a steps competition at work to motivate yourself to move more.

New, innovative technologies can inspire you to take charge of your health. Wear- able tness trackers have been around for a while, but home DNA tests, like Orig3n’s Fitness test, can help you optimize work- outs by providing insights into your genes. Discover whether you have the genes that need an extra rest day, or whether you’re better at high-intensity workouts or endurance exercises. Then, adjust your routine accordingly. If you’re looking to eat more healthfully, the Orig3n Nutrition test analyzes your hunger and weight genes so you can learn about how your body pro- cesses fats (good to know for cookie portion control) and if you’re predisposed to any food sensitivities.

Exercise accounts for only about 25 percent of weight loss, while healthy eating accounts for 75 percent. So, balance favorite indulgences with smart choices. If you know you’re having a big dinner later in the day, eat healthfully at breakfast and lunch. Instead of reaching for all the sweets and rich foods in front of you, think about what you’d really like to eat. Choose wisely and mindfully.

If you spend all your time at parties counting calories, you’ll miss out on time spent with loved ones. What’s more, you may nd yourself overindulging later if you’re too restrictive. Instead, focus on the people in your life and the memories you’re making.

A University of Chicago study found that people overeat on snacks — sometimes hundreds of additional calories — when they aren’t getting enough sleep. Take a breather, and when you can, get yourself to bed early.

Don’t neglect your health. Adopting simple habits and using new tech tools can help you take better control of your wellness.